Family matters

It’s with a very sore heart combined with some butterflies in my stomach that I get to announce that Jeanne Vos Attorneys will be closing it’s doors as from 1 November 2011 until 6 January 2012. Not only will I be enjoying some well deserved, I might add, rest, but my husband and I will […]

Happily ever (before) and after…

This post originally appeared on a good friend, excellent photographer and dynamic business women’s wedding website. Having been a bride once myself, I know that the most difficult thing to do before a wedding is to get your ‘to do list’ to eventually disappear. Reality is: one has so many last minute things that all […]

Does your testament contain your will?

Death is inevitable – even although we choose not to think about it or simply postpone our entertainment of the subject matter. Everyone will die eventually and one cannot rule from the grave. That it why it is so imperative to have a well drafted testament (or will) in place when something does happen to […]

Getting out of a gym (contract)

Starting out as a candidate attorney and commencing with my articles, I received a very poor salary. (Or, as I like to think of it, a mere monthly donation.) I had to move back home, as my “salary” was only sufficient to cover my fuel to and from work. In a desperate attempt to avert […]

Patrimonial Consequences following Termination of Co-Habitation Relationship

Consequences flowing from the termination of a co-habitation relationship Numerous people have asked me what their rights would be, should their partner terminate the relationship. I have therefore decided to write a short, general answer, concerning myself only with the patrimonial consequences in such an instance. I was in my penultimate year at Varsity when […]